Lauren Kipp, PDF, presently Assistant Professor Rowan University

Nadine Lehmann, PhD, presently Ocean Frontier Institute postdoc at Dalhousie

Jacky Bertlich, PhD, presently Research Associate at GEOMAR

Stefanie Mellon, MSc, presently Scientific Data Specialist at Ocean Networks Canada

Jessica Gould, MSc, presently PhD candidate Northeastern University, MA, USA

Irena Schulten, PhD, presently taking a gap year

Alexandra (Sasha) Filippova, PhD, presently postdoc at GEOMAR

Nathalie Dubois, PhD, presently Assistant Professor (SNSF) – D-ERDW – ETH Zurich at EAWAG, CH

Laura deGelleke, MSc, presently Instructor at Dept. Oceanography, Dalhousie

Katie Hastings, MSc, presently Researcher at Bedford Institute of Oceanography

Liz Kerrigan, MSc, presently Scientific Writer at Notch Communications

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