Students at Sea

Many students in my lab get to go on exciting research expeditions.


IMG_0883 copy

FS SONNE in Darwin


MSc student Jessica Gould on the FS SONNE to the tropical SW Pacific, 2017; and MSc student Stefanie Mellon to the North Pacific, 2018




CCGS Amundsen

PhD student Nadine Lehmann on CCGS Amundsen to the Arctic Ocean, 2015



MSc student Stef Mellon and PhD student Irena Schulten on the RV MS Merian to the Labrador Sea, 2015

IMG_0134 copy

FS Maria S Merian in Nuuk


 Honours student Jessica Gould on the CCGS Hudson, Atlantic Zone Monitoring Program 2014/2015

CCGS Hudson

CCGS Hudson

FS SONNE in Jayapura

FS SONNE in Jayapura



MSc student Liz Kerrigan on the R/V SONNE expedition to the western tropical Pacific, 2013

RV Knorr off Galapagos

RV Knorr off Galapagos




MSc students Laura deGelleke and Katie Hastings on the R/V Knorr to the eastern tropical Pacific, 2009

PhD student Nathalie Dubois on the R/V Marion Dufresne to the subtropical North Atlantic, 2008

Science coop student Caitlyn MacMaster on the R/V Marion Dufresne to the western tropical Pacific, 2006

Marion Dufresne off Mindanao

Marion Dufresne off Mindanao

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